Who We Are

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integrated Design & Construction, LLC is a service provider of Architecture, Construction Management/Administration, Sustainable Design practices and Masonry restoration and installation. The combined experiences of our team have completed more than 2 Million square feet of Commercial, Medical/Healthcare, Institutional and Mixed-Use structures throughout the Northeast. We have demonstrated skillsets, combined with an average of 23 years of design, construction and management capabilities that strengthen our project administration and overview.

Our fundamental tenets of successful project management and team collaboration involve all parties (i.e., Owner, Architect, Contractor and End User) during the Design and Construction process. We unite risk management, control tools, computer skills and interpersonal qualities that strengthen our clients' vision and end result mindset.

Our Philosophy

I D & C's values is simple and straightforward — Provide professional services (i.e., Design, Management, Administration, etc.) to our clients that focus on creative solutions, managing risks and collective involvement.

Architecture is not a stagnant process that fits the traditional “Rules of Order.” It has an “organic” growth and maturity that promotes discoveries, explorations and problem identification and resolution. We integrate modern methods of design procedures through technology and collaboration amongst the project team. Integrated Design & Construction promotes teamwork during every step from Pre-design to Post-construction. Constructive dialogue and feedback is paramount in capturing the essence of Clients' directives creating an atmosphere of professionalism throughout.